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Absinthe is an alcoholic distilled spirit witch is made from herbs. It includes the flower Artmisia absinthium witch is also called wormwood. Some people think that Absinthe is a liqueur but that’s wrong. It is a high alcoholic spirit.
The original Absinthe has a green color because of this it is often called the green fairy (Fée Verte).
The first country witch distilled Absinthe was France. Now it is made in several countries all over the world. The famoused are Czech, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland and France. In the 18th century Absinthe was used as a medicine. Later in the 19th century it was called a addictive and psychoactive drug! Because of this it was banned by 1915 in a huge number of European countries and the United Staates of America.
In the 1990s some countries in the European Union authorize to manufacture and to sale Absinthe again.

The pictures below show the most popular Absinthe ritual: